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This project has been discontinued. (Jan 11, 1999)

What Loafer is?

Loafer is a Macintosh software developer macro tool. It is an extension of "copy-paste" technique in source code writing. It will not write source code instead of you but it will save you from part of routine work.

Loafer's macro-engine inputs text fragments into editing document's by hitting a particular key combination or by choosing item of contextual menu (MacOS 8.0+ only). Each key combination or contextual menu item is assigned to a particular text fragment. It is known as macros. So, Loafer is a macro tool which could be used with software developer's text editor. It has the ability to generate not just text fragments, but mix these fragments with keyboard events. In other words, it can simulate typing. At the same time Loafer has the ability to change sets of macros on the fly and even disable all macros - turn the macro-engine off.
More details about Loafer could be found in the documentation.

System requirements: PowerPC CPU, MacOS 7.5+


What is new in version 1.2?


Where to download?



Loafer is shareware. If you decide to use it after trail period, you must pay for it.

You can pay for Loafer on line via Kagi On line Order Processing. If you need some explanation, the Step-by-step procedure for paying for products via Kagi On line Order Processing could be helpful.

More details about payment could be found in the documentation or on Kagi web site.

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